Sunday, May 30, 2010

Paper Legends: Session 2.2 "Knock Knock"

While the rest of the group sleeps, Bellows and "Dave" stay on watch among the branches of two trees. Bellows then senses something moving along the rune filled path. Determined to to figure out if this could be a threat, he stealthily leaps from tree to tree. On the edge of the clearing he sees a shadowy Dragonborn figure walking towards and then entering a stone archway that connects to an eerie green dome that separates a hill from the rest of the forest. The same green energy fills the arch and flares like a bug zapper when Bellows tries to touch it with his hand. Knowing that "Dave" would be more familiar such a thing, Bellows returns to the camp site to retrieve his Shardmind ally.
Returning to the arch, "Dave" carefully inspects it's Arcane ties along with the stonework. He notices green magic stones encrusted on the inside of the arch and four runes on each side of the arch with their identical rune counterpart on the other side of the archway. As he examines the green glow closely, he receives a quick kick to the behind from Bellows. Unlike its response to Bellows, "Dave" is able to wade through the barrier though he does feel it weaken him.
Bellows runs back to camp to wake the rest of the group up, figuring that they've had enough sleep for the night. When Bellows returns back to the gate with the rest of the crew, it responds to them the exact same way that it did to the Warforged. A big zap and they are repelled from the green energy field.
They begin trying to figure out the runes on the gate and get it to its narrowest point but still with no fortune for them to be able to walk through the archway. When "Dave" crosses through the gate, he notices that the space between his legs is completely void of the energy field when it's at it narrow point. Half of the crew goes through by crawling under "Dave" and when it comes to the Goliath, "Dave" breaks his humanoid form and completely wraps himself around Ulfr allowing them passage through the gate.


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