Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Heroclix: Painted Chun Li

Finished painting a Chun Li from the Street Fighter Heroclix set. Pleased that her face is now symmetrical. Looking at the pictures on the computer screen, I wish I had pulled a cleaner job on the effects for her lightning kick.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Some Heroclix Paint Jobs

So I recently got into Heroclix. Ironically, the thing that appealed to me about the game was the fact that I would require no build and paint time whatsoever. Alas, the bug hit me and I decided to do some quick paint jobs on some Clix. I believe that because of how they come, I don't feel any pressure to try and paint these things to a high standard since anything I do would be an improvement to the assembly line paint jobs from some factory in China. But that reasoning is flawed since my metal minis don't have any paint on them, so wouldn't that mean anything I do to them is an improvement too? Regardless here they are!
Happy gaming!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Great, Just What I Need...Another Game

I'll be honest, for the longest time I viewed the bad to mediocre pre-paints and the gamble of buying blind boosters rather unappealing when it came to buying plastic minis such as D&D (under the old format), Heroclix, Mage Knight, etc. Top it off, I'm sure there was also a partial snobbish attitude pointed at it. "What? You play with those crappy looking things?" and then feel bad cuz a mini is leaning over funny or has bendy weapons.
Can't say that anymore because I've bought into Heroclix due to the recent release of Street Fighter. Heroclix has also been the easiest and quickest game for me to round up friends to play. Much lower price point to get into it and they don't have to paint or put anything together. Toss in some neat licenses and you can usually tickle someone's fancy.
I do have some gamer OCD kicking in and have already started doing some simple repaints but oh well, nice to know that I don't have to until I get around to doing it.
Happy gaming folks!