Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Paper Legends: Session 2.4 "It's All In Your Head"

Our heroes make their way through the dark passage of the cave. Kobold guards try to hinder their progress but to no vail. The Firebugs make quick work out of them. At the end of the tunnel, the caverns open up to room and residing at the end of that room, a large armored Dragonborn stands impressed at their progress and equally as pleased to be able to engage in combat. He introduces himself as Thalos Calgaron, servant to Maugen of The Forests of Maine, then turns his back to the party and begins to strut down another tunnel. The party pursues and when Calgarron turns around to face them, a bright flash stuns them all.
When the Firebugs regain their sight, they are surrounded by a tempest. "Dave" hears the same heartbeat that he heard in the museum and their footing,on a floating stone platform with edges that constantly shift. Calgarron draws his blade and they engage in combat. If his fullblade wasn't enough the Firebugs also have to contend with Calgarron's voice in their heads murmuring threats to them. Whenever focus is lost, they are flung across the platform. Eventually Bellows is thrown beyond the edge. Expecting to meet his certain demise, Bellows finds himself drifting afloat in the tempest and somewhat invigorated while in it. Amidst the whirlwind, reaction times are a split second quicker and the Firebugs attempt to battle Calgarron from within the storm while trying to keep him planted on the platform. This of course is much harder due to the constant psychic assaults that throw them around like rag dolls. The fight is bloody and intense with everyone being dealt serious blows aside from "Dave" who is able to keep his distance. When things seem lost, they are able to pull together their strength for one last coordinated strike causing that same flash that brought them to the tempest.
Disoriented, the group find themselves back in the cave with a catatonic Calgarron laying on the ground. "Dave" extends his hand across the Dragonborn's face and crushes his brain with a force attack. With business being taken care of, the Firebugs turn their attention to the Kobold peeking at them from the doorway across the cavern room.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Big Thanks To My Friends!

Just wanted to say that I am truly grateful for the the friends that I've made over the last couple of years who play the games that I love and I would actually hang out with outside of game sessions and events run at the local friendly comics & games store. It's awesome to finally have friends that game and I can geek out with as oppose to just having gamer "friends".
It's sunny outside, take advantage of the barbecue and frisbee weather. I really should put up some session notes...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Paper Legends: "Helmuth Calls You! Sandwiches!!!"

Too good not to post up right now. This was filmed last night. It will make sense when more session notes go up.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Paper Legends: Session 2.3 "To The Trees!"

Now within the green dome that surrounds the hill, the party splits into two groups. "Dave" and Bellows taking the high ground on slope of the hill while the other three travel along its base. After a bit of trekking, Bellows spots what looks like a humanoid shape curled up in the fetal position near the bottom of the hill. Signaling to the others, the troops on the ground carefully move towards it. Bellows attempts to meet with the rest of the party by gracefully leaping from tree to tree. The reality is far from graceful as he meets the ground prematurely on multiple occasions.
The figure turns out to be a wounded Dryad. No one understands her but she soon realizes that the party means no ill will towards her and she reciprocates to Korgath who has taken lead by changing her form to resemble a leafy Dwarven woman. "Dave" uses his powers to try and communicate with her and gets images of herself and four other Dryads entering the dome, followed by flashes of them fighting Dragonborn, her sisters dying, something about "fighting in his mind" which absolutely terrifies her and the area of the hill where a cave entrance lies.
Her breathing heavies and she refuses any attempt from Korgath to heal her. Feeling helpless, Korgath and the group do the only thing that she allows by providing an affirming presence as her life fades away.
After the Dryad's passing, the Firebugs make their way to the cave. Bellows and Ulfr advance in the shelter of the tree tops. The sounds of laughter emanate from the cave entrance to reveal Dragonborn laughing at the amusing dance of a small Kobold. Among them, three Spitting Drakes. After almost giving their position away a few times as they advanced and putting the drakes on alert, Vincent decides to wander up to the group of Dragonborn as casually as possible in a way more suitable for a person walking into a diner to ask for directions. His attempts at diplomacy and humor do not charm the Dragonborn and his efforts are met with axes. The Kobold runs off into the cave and our heroes go into battle once again. Bellows and Ulfr bring pain down from the trees and aside from Vincent soaking up quite a lot of damage, the Firebugs actually have a much easier time with these three Dragonborn and their Drakes than they did with the Kobolds at the camp site earlier. Victory is theirs.
Now what? Well, they can always walk into the cave... Guess what? They will.