Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thunderhead Warjill

Mecha Musume or Mecha Shoujo is a style or genre of art most popular among anime/manga art styles that involve fusing a girl and machine. After looking at a thread on a gaming forum that I frequent, I decided to tackle this with the Warjacks from the Warmachine game. I refuse to do blatant anime styling and excessive and pointless fan service didn't come to me naturally. Hope you like. I had fun drawing this.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh Noes D&D!

Well there's been a lot of talk and speculation on the blogosphere and among my friends at the local comic book store due to all the things that Wizards is cancelling, discontinuing and changing with D&D. I honestly don't know what to think about it. While it sucks that the business model doesn't seem to be working for their shareholders, etc I doubt it'll effect me too much unless I let people who are very passionate and vocal on the subject effect me.
Yes, I've put in about $600 into 4E material over the last year and a bit but it still works as long as I still feel like playing the game and can find others who would too. The thing with the minis don't bother as I've never used the prepainted plastics for my own campaigns anyway.
I'm however trying to figure out if I'm not too bothered because I'm a little meh about D&D at the moment or because I'm not allowing myself to get caught up in the speculations and change is bad side of things. Besides, most of the blogs I follow on here are from people who play older editions of the game. I look at blogs for the spirit of the game and for ideas, not rule mechanics.
I'll worry about all this when someone WotC Officer barges into my house and tells me that I can't play blah blah blah because it's non-compliant with the current edition. Then I'll be looking to bust some heads.

Monday, January 10, 2011

An Army Of Metal?

So I was thinking of how I might get my Legion of Everblight models painted as quickly as possible without making them look like they were just dipped or like something from the pre-painted miniature department a la D&D or Heroclix. I'm thinking of painting my models to be metallic pieces as in gold, copper, bronze and silver. To me it'd be something I can achieve pretty quickly and at the same time have them look very distinct. There'd still some distinctions between skin, armour, etc.

I'm guessing that if I went this route, the deployment zone would look like a fancy chess set or a trophy cabinet.

What do you think?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Day

We got dumped on in the snow department since Friday. Well, Sundays are traditionally what we lovingly call Craft Day at the store I go to but I'm not feeling like making the trek and risk having the Mustang get stuck while trying to get in or out of the parking lot. Think I'll be doing Craft Day at home today or having a solo "Nerd Sunday" reading an expansion book or by watching some Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
Counted my stuff and I've got over a hundred Legion of Everblight minis that need to be painted. Will have to go on the quick and easy route if I ever dream to be able to boast an entirely painted army... Base coat, one highlight and one shading wash.

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Gaming Resolutions

I'm noticing fewer and fewer New Year Resolutions being made among people that I know. I've personally never bothered to make them, but since I have a blog, why not.

My goals for 2011 gaming consist of:
1. Paint all of my Guild/Malifaux miniatures
2. Build a gaming board with full set of terrain for Malifaux
3. Play at least one game with my Anima Tactics stuff
4. Launch my Mouse Guard campaign
5. Assemble all of my Legion of Everblight miniatures
6. Actively read and post on the forums and blogs that I frequent instead of just wandering aimlessly through them and wasting precious time.

What're you guys planning to do this year?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Breaking Into The New Year With Craft Sunday!

So what better way to welcome the New Year than by hanging out with some of my gamer friends and painting our little toy soldiers that we wage battle with? Well this afternoon I did just that as we watched the entire first season of Gargoyles. That's pretty much all I did there besides socializing. Some of the guys also played the Magic card game and a game of Warmachine was had. All in all a good day and I think it's time to make some lobster tail!

The figures are from my Guild faction for Malifaux. Starting with a Witchling Stalker, then Lady Justice and Sonia Crid the Witch Hunter.

Happy New Year my friends! May 2011 bring health, wealth and amazing gaming!