Saturday, May 1, 2010

Paper Legends: Let's Get This Party Started

So the Players were found, but where to put them? I didn't want to use full fleshed out settings like Eberron or Forgotten Realms solely because they had "rules" in which I would feel like I'd have to try and follow and to be honest, I just didn't want to read up on anything. The world would be set up in a fantasy alternate Edmonton. The names of the regions would be similar and the general geography would be the same. Enough familiarity but still having the freedom to do whatever the heck I wanted with it. On a side note, it was hilarious when the answers that they had received from interrogating an NPC would mean that they should probably to go to a certain place next. One player mentioned how he hated that side of town and then another player said "Hey! I live there...but I do want to move".

The PC's would all be members of OOPS: Onyx Operative Protection Services' newest squad, Unit 23: The Firebugs. Yes yes it's my Black Water knock off that probably came to mind from watching an episode of the new Knight Rider. I really like whole idea of having them be a part of a larger organization as it gives me a regular meeting point to where I can blatantly give them a mission (through an NPC of course). So regardless of how many rabbit trails the party take, a goal or two has been set. Go ahead and build your magical super fridge, dismantle all the shelves in the office and try to make the Psion your pet, but once that's all done, they'll go set up perimeter at the museum. I'll have to really watch and make sure I don't fall into the trap of railroading the whole thing.

The Squad Coordinator. Inspector Gadget had the Commissioner. The Power Rangers had Zordon. Who could the Firebugs get? FIREMAN TIM. Fireman Tim is the Ranger that I play in the Warp 1 store campaign. He is loud, has ADD, likes to climb things, is always smoking his pipe and I like to view him as the dumbest smart person around. Well the Paper Legends Fireman is older, no wiser and has been forced to take up a desk job with OOPS much to his disliking. All but one of our PCs have experienced Fireman Tim prior to Paper Legends. In the store campaign, we've now come up with a rule that if Fireman Tim dies, he will always reincarnate in a compromising and degrading manner simply because he has to live on in order to make it to this point.

So these are the premises laid out for my first campaign. Simple, flexible but with a few key elements that help things make sense and give it flavor for us to give a damn. We all had fun so it's all good. We'll go into story soon.

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