Monday, May 10, 2010

Paper Legends: Session 1.3 "I Have A Gambling Problem"

The colored facings on the cards would determine the teams in the fight. The sides would consist of Korgath, Vincent and Thor facing off against "Dave", and Ulfr. They were all given an opportunity to bet on the fight as well.

*I inserted this "Encounter" for the sole purpose of letting the PCs get a taste of what their teammates powers were and for Josh to get the feel of the combat mechanics as he's never played a table top RPG in his life*

Thor would start things off by letting loose a barrage of arrows at Ulfr who tried to would flank them from the covered side. Unfortunately this would leave "Dave" the Psion alone and vulnerable. Though very much to the liking of Vincent and Korgath. "Dave" would be knocked senseless before losing his psychic bond that held his humanoid shape together. Following a clean swipe from Vincent, "Dave" or Penguin as Vincent would prefer him called would crumble into a pile of crystal rubble revealing the choke chain that was confiscated. Eventually the now alone Ulfr would be overwhelmed by the three Firebugs and fall unconscious. After the bout, the Firebugs were told to head to their OOPS issued apartments to rest up and return in the morning in hopes that Fireman Tim will have won a bid for their first assignment.
The party made their way to their apartments to sleep and mend. The restless Vincent and "Dave" who doesn't sleep anyway, worked together to make a massive arcane refrigerator. Little did "Dave" know that Vincent's intentions was to make this a home for his claimed "pet", Penguin (aka "Dave"). After some struggling throughout the night, "Dave" is able to keep himself out of the cold kennel.
The next morning below The Warped One, the Firebugs find a very pleased Fireman Tim counting gold and various currencies. Ayanna lets the team know that he has a gambling problem and organizes fights on a very regular basis. Being a fair man, Fireman Tim gives each of the Firebugs a cut from the pot.
To keep with the theme of the dragon skulls that line his office wall, Fireman Tim reveals to them that the mission that they are about to embark on consists of various jewels and treasures being reported stolen from nobles in Edmonton by humanoid draconics. Seeing as the Royal Museum is receiving a new expo, intelligence believes that this would be the best place to get the thieves and find out where the other valuables have been taken to.
"Off you go!" Fireman Tim shouts as he goes back to counting gold coins.

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