Thursday, May 13, 2010

Paper Legends: Session 1.5 "What's That Sound? You! Go Check It Out"

Trees. Trees. More trees. The Firebugs arrive at the edge of the Millwoods Forest. After a bit of surveying, Thor notices a clearing of tree south from them. "Dave" telepathically tells the captured Kobold, now named Puppy, to lead them in. After refusing, Vincent uses the universal language of roughhandling and he leads them to the area that Thor had originally suggested. The party walks through the semi cleared path and once again magic is in the air. Our heroes notice that the forest stays away from the cleared path. Insects do not fly beyond the trees into the clearing. Engraved in the ground are runes that appear to be Draconic. They deduce that this is what's keeping back the forest. Vincent then urinates on a rune. The rest of the group gets onto the balls of their feet expecting something bad to happen. Fortunately for them, all they get is a light show as the rune starts to glow and eminate a droning sound. A few moments later it returns to normal. Puppy being amused by this also urinates on a rune and the same effect.
They make their way further down the path and everyone begins to sense that they're being watch. It is clear that something is speaking directly to their minds the thoughts of "LEAVE!"..."TURN BACK!"..."YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!". Being dilligent and brave little troopers, our heroes press on.
Metallic creaking noises sound from the left of them moving parallel with them from within the trees. When they stop walking the sound stops resuming again when they move. Thor and Ulfr break from the party to find out who the stalker only to have it pick up the pace and begin a retreat. The metallic steps stop in a small clearing. As the two move up readying their weapons. The floor gives out from under Ulfr revealing a pit trap but are no match for his reflexes as he back steps before allowing the law of gravity to be applied to him.
From the bushes two metallic canine constructs spring for the attack and the heat is on.
Back on the path, the remaining Firebugs hear the sound of steel on steel and they rush off to aid their team mates. The two Rangers use their mastery of sword and bow into effect. Thor finding it very rewarding to place arrows through the gaps in their rib cages to cause gear grinding.

Vincent. Korgath. "Dave". Puppy. The rest of the crew join the fray. A third construct appears baiting the new combatants and spears shoot up straight from the ground. Much to their fortune, no one is hurt from the trap. In a puff of smoke a Gnome appears. His eyes widen and he goes straight for the Kobold and slits his throat.
"Puppyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" Vincent screams and then kicks one of the homunculi aside and lets his sword lead him towards the Gnome who had just murdered his pet. The short statured creature turns disappears again before letting Vincent share a taste of his blade.
Noticing that the Gnome went straight for the Kobold and wasn't on the path. Thor lowers his bow and clumsily tries to explain why they are here in the forest. The Gnome's head pokes out from behind a tree. Being much more diplomatic, Korgath takes over and announces that they are here trying to find the lizard types here to catch them and take back what they have stolen. The Gnome points at the dead Kobold and glares back at Korgath. He explains that the Kobold was a prisoner leading them to its lair. Accepting his case, the Gnome steps out from behind the tree, snaps his fingers and the remaining two Iron Defenders sit down.
He reveals himself to the party as Vespa, one of the guardians of the forest and that these dragonfolk have invaded their land and killed many of the protecting Dryads. The intruders come from Maine, retreating execution from a civil conflict that has taken place. Among them, a multitude of Kobolds, a few Dragonborn soldiers who are led by their champion; Thalos Calgaron and an injured dragon named Maugen. They have set up shop in the Millwoods Forest, trying to rebuild his hoard as he mends.

Vespa creates a magical barrier to keep the party safe for the night, offers them a healing potion and heads off with his two bodyguards. The Firebugs set up camp and rest for the night. Vincent tries to put the choke chain back on "Dave".

*End Session 1*

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