Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Paper Legends: Session 1.4 "Hooray For Field Trips! To The Museum!"

The Firebugs spend the bulk of the day in the Royal Museum. Looking for any suspicious folk, particular items that would prove of importance, and survey any areas that would prove to be ideal break in points or suited for a clean get away. The trip was beginning to seem like a waste of time until "Dave" notices a strange magic presence near two entrances by the loading areas. The Firebugs hide out in the museum waiting for it to close for the day.
Night comes and surprisingly guards are nowhere to be seen. The group takes various positions to spring a surprise attack should anyone come through the two doors which "Dave" had identied. Everyone plays the part of patient hunter but Vincent who starts tampering with a glass display cabinet. A pointless task, but from his position, a clean running path to both doors should anyone use them.
Hours go by and just before people wish they were at home sleeping, "Dave" senses magic pulsing in the room disrupting the flow in what feels/sounds like a heartbeat. The beat gets louder and louder and at its climax, a small portal opens up and a retinue of Kobolds step through the arcane doorway.
Kobolds scuttle from their entrance only to get a short way in to find Vincent ready for action. The combat kicks into gear and all of the Firebugs do what they're suppose to do in a violent confrontation. All but Ulfr, who has extreme difficulties with one particular Kobold's agility. A Kobold breaks through the line that Vincent and Korgath had set up and opens one of the doors. More Kobolds pour in, a few of which are fully armoured and much more precise in their attacks. Some Kobolds make it to displays, smash the glass and begin looting what they can fit in their arms.
"Dave" senses the heartbeat in the winds of magic again, and shortly after that the portal returns. One of the surviving armoured Kobolds jumps through along with a Kobold carrying treasure. Vincent pursues but is not sucked into the magic gate. He does catch a hazy glimpse of a cave on the other side.
One Kobold is apprehended. Using the chain that he received from Fireman Tim, Vincent ties the helpless Kobold to the mouth of a statue for questioning. The Kobold doesn't speak common, the party doesn't speak Draconic but "Dave" is telepathic. He is eventually able to process the Kobold's thought noise to "want more" and saw images of a forest and could make out the phrase "go east".
The Millwoods Forest is one of the largest wooded areas east of their current location and the party agrees that it is the best place to go next. Since "Dave" didn't want the job title of pet, Vincent fills that spot with the captured Kobold.

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  1. You have a much more detailed memory for events that transpire during a session than I do. I remembered most of what I did, and some of the fight, but a lot of it has leaked out of my brain entirely.