Monday, May 17, 2010

Paper Legends: Session 2.1 "Designation: Bellows"

The Firebugs wake up from a well earned rest. The sun shining bright and the group in good spirits. The sound of an engine roars from the sky. Upon looking up, Korgath makes out an eye shape beginning to eclipse part of the sun. He notices a small shape separate from the the larger one. As it gets larger, Korgath notices it spiraling and spinning towards them. Upon landing it strikes the cane stance. Surprisingly graceful considering that it's made out of metal. Before them stands a mechanical construct man. Steam vents from his arms and legs and he walks towards the party. He tells them that he is called Bellows and was sent by Fireman Tim. In fact, he projects an image of Fireman Tim which conveys the message, wishes them luck and recalls Thor Frostfang back to base. Bellows also passes over a magical stone which allows the party to stay in communication with each other should they spit up. They dub it: The Walkie Talkie Rocky.
Thor reluctantly leaves the party to tend to whatever Fireman Tim needs him to do. The remaining Firebugs along with their new ally, Bellows continue along the rune trailed path. Bellows eventually breaks off from the party and runs parallel along the trail with conceilment should anything possibly dangerous show up. Eventually the smell of smoke is picked up in the air. Bellows lets the rest of the party know this and they make their way towards it with Bellows leaping from tree to tree.
Coming to another small clearing not far from the rune trail, the Firebugs see a camp site. Two tents and recently put out fire pit. Upon closer examination, they also notice that next to one tent lays a chain leash and collar.

Vincent moves from concealment and up to the closest tent. He pulls out one of the peg spikes. A corner of the tent collapses and a squeak is given off. A sleepy Kobold steps out of the tent but he is quickly disposed off. Hearing the ruckus, a Kobold steps out of the other tent. Before he can be silenced, he lets out a loud warning bellow before being taken down. Bellows searches the first tent finding some Gold and an amulet which he holds onto. The second tent provides them with nothing outside of some scraps of food and blankets.

More Kobolds show up to see the Firebugs in their camp site. Battle commences with Korgath, Ulfr and Vincent taking the bulk of the swarm. "Dave" sits in relative safety sending out psionic blasts when targets make themselves available and Designation Bellows takes the other bunch using the trees themselves as an equalizer to the numbers. Leaping up on branches, and dropping from them to plant graceful but deadly kicks only to head back up when things get too crowded again. A second wave of Kobolds return, this time with fully armored members and they quickly asses Vincent as the most direct threat and coordinate their efforts to bring him down.
A projectile flies through the air and lands on "Dave's". When he looks up, a red Spitting Drake stares right back at him. Behind the Drake, another Kobold wearing a skull for a mask pops into the scene. He starts to chant an incantation and at its completion, green rays emanate from him and all the Kobolds in the area seem like they got a boost when the energy settles.

As Kobolds start to drop, Vincent goes down a few times. Ulfr breaks from the pack to aid "Dave" who has been the primary prey of the Spitting Drake and Kobold Wyrmpriest. Bellows separates the Drake and Wyrmpriest from "Dave" and the rest of the team regroups around them to bring on the pain. The Drake is the last to go down and the party uses their camp site for accommodations as they mend their wounds.

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