Saturday, May 8, 2010

Paper Legends: Session 1.1: "Hello My Name Is..."

Two weeks ago, our heroes were preparing to be shipped out to the Eastern Sands on a Diplomatic Military Mission. All was going as planned, they did what they did best within their respected squads and departments. Until receiving new orders. They were being assigned to a classified outfit Designation: Unit 23 "The Firebugs" under the wing of Onyx Operative Protection Services or OOPS for short.
Arriving at the Edmonton Garrison north of the city the five individuals meet each other for the first time as they are shortly after dumped in a carriage and sent to a specialty bookstore called The Warped One where they will meet their Squad Coordinator and be briefed. The Firebugs reach the store to be greeted by Kristoff the Handsome (self proclaimed title). He tries to sell them literature on magic and vegetables and when he does a head count and looks at the make up of the various races and equipment asks them if they are the members of OOPS newest squad. After giving a yes and confirming their identities, Kristoff hunches a bit more and gets out from behind the counter and leads the Firebugs to a room at the back of the store. Stairs lead them to a basement hallway.
Hearing their lumbering steps a young half-elf woman pokes her head from the doorway of her office. She introduces herself as Ayanna, welcomes the group and expresses how excited she and the squad coordinator are to see what our heroes can do. Ayanna takes an extreme interest in the Shardmind, a race that she has never seen in her life. After examining him for a bit in a manner that would seem almost like a doctor looking for signs and symptoms in a patient, she kindly asks them to take a seat on the benches and the squad coordinator will see them shortly.
An hour passes and the Swordmage keeps himself amused by dismantling one of the bench seats. Hearing the sounds of wood being dropped, Ayanna comes out of her office again to see the team still waiting in the hall. Off she goes to knock on the other door in the hall.
"Sir, your new squad is here to see you" she says in the most pleasant way possible.
"They are? I wasn't expecting them until Thursday" a gruff voice responds from behind the door.
"Sir, it's Friday" Ayanna replies.
"Sir?" She asks.
"Sir?!" She asks again.
The sound of drawers being opened and closed followed by things being shuffled hastily come from behind the wooden door.
"Let them in. Let them in" says the rough voice.
Ayanna opens the door for the five new members and dismisses herself back to her office. The room is filled with the smell of a cavendish pipe tobacco. Along one wall, bookshelves but with only a few books actually on the shelves. The floor space directly in front of the shelves is filled with various stacks of books and loose papers. On the opposite wall hang three dragon skulls. One of which is fastened to a large shield and between the eye sockets, two puncture holes. Standing in one corner an old and very ornate and well worn bow and leather quiver filled with a full stock of arrows.
Finally, at the front of the room, a large messy rosewood desk where the only sense of order is occupied by a wooden stand with various styles of smoking pipes. The large chair that had its back turned to the door which had a plume of smoke emanating from the top swivels around revealing an older silver bearded man.
"Hello, my name is Fireman Tim" he says with a big grin.

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