Saturday, May 8, 2010

Paper Legends: Session 1.2 "Getting To Know You. Getting To Know All About You"

*I realized that the last post took a lot of words to convey very little of what was actually happening. Do not be surprised if I switch back and forth between note points and paragraphs. These session posts are primarily reference points for myself and the PCs in the campaign*
After introducing himself, Fireman Tim makes it very clear to the Firebugs that he has no interest in being a desk jockey squad coordinator. He hates the paper work, the politics, the idea of responsibility and finds that the only perk is finally bring able to smoke his pipe on the job with much less risk of being attacked in the middle of a bowl. The party realizes that all of its members went against the grain while in their previous positions within the Elishevan military. Fireman Tim intends for them to be an extension of himself in seeking justice through chaos. The party also learns that OOPS is not a branch of the Elishevan military but a privately run outfit. Missions are not necessarily assigned to teams but squad coordinators bid for them in most cases.

Our Firebugs are:
Korgath (Alex): Dwarf Cleric
"Dave" (Adam): Shardmind Psion
Vincent Morin (Kris): Human Swordmage
Ulfr (Ross): Goliath Fighter/Ranger
Thor Frostfang (Josh): Razorclaw Shifter Ranger

Many points during the time spent in Fireman Tim's office, Vincent Morin's lack of attention gets the best of him and he tries to dismantle a book shelf only to be reprimanded by Fireman Tim. He then dubs "Dave" as "Penguin" and claims him as his pet while trying to put a collar on him. When "Dave" finally takes the collar and keeps it in his...toga(?), Fireman Tim reaches into his drawer and gives Vincent a large metal choke chain to do with as he pleases.
"You don't truly know a man until you've fought him" are the words that come out of Fireman Tim's lips. He extends a small deck of cards and asks the team members to each draw a card. Each card has a blue or green facing. He leads them down another flight of stairs to an even lower basement and beyond the entrance, a pit arena complete with cheering crowd.

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