Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Could This Lead To Something?

This post is completely non-game related.

So awhile back I got a friend request on Facebook. Cute girl, so why not? We did have mutual contacts and the extent of our communication was usually just random funny comments on each others status updates. Well I sent her a message asking her why she added me onto her Facebook list. She replied with "To network of course". We messaged back and forth for a bit and it led to her asking if I would be interested in submitting something to them as they are looking for new a new artist for a project and that she was an editor for a comic book publisher. When I said that I was interested, she sent another editor a link to some work of mine and he got back to her that afternoon saying that she should try me out for a book that she'd be working on next. If the Editor in Chief likes it, he'll get in touch with me about page rates and scheduling.

So I'll be getting some PDF files to see the character designs and a script. And then it's down to doing some quality work and hoping that it blows their minds away. Not counting my chicks before the eggs hatch but it's so exciting to have this opportunity arise as it's been over five years since I've sent out a submission package. And to have one where I have someone on their crew already vouching for me is pretty sweet!


  1. Is this your work? I had no idea, it's amazing! Fingers crossed for you . . .

  2. good luck- on more than one front =)

  3. Cute girl? I don't trust any genders as they come through the internet. Not even mine.

  4. Dungeonmum - Yeah that's a page a did for fun/practice awhile back. Thanks for the compliment and thanks.

    Loquacious & The Lord of Excess - Thanks for sending good mojo my way!

    TheGrumpyCelt - Haha, you don't even trust your own gender on the internet? But from your perspective, you're the one on the proper side of the screen. Are you in...The Matrix?

    I got the PDF's last night and the script for an issue in which I'll be doing 4 test pages. Popped some questions back to the editor for some clarification on details of things as I'm not familiar with the source material (mostly asking for descriptions of things like alien tech, etc). Scripts really are a funny looking documents. Lots of pages with not that many words. But that's why it's called a script and not an essay.
    After she gets back to me, I'm going to start doing my layouts.

  5. Alas, my art style did not fit the editors bill along with some other critiques on areas that I need to grow. No worries though. It was very exciting and I found out that I could hammer out four pages in three days. :D