Sunday, November 28, 2010

How Do You Do It All?

I understand that my gaming habits require prep time. Prepping for my D&D campaign, doing the art and making the tokens and minis, assembling miniatures for my army, painting them when I get around to it. And gaming days/nights require 3-8 hour blocks of time tied to an average of 6-9 times that I game a month.
So as the title says, how do you do it all? My gaming involves D&D and Warmachine/Hordes with Malifaux and Mouse Guard on the horizon. I don't have children to watch or a second job but am finding it hard to balance time and scheduling with some of my other interests and responsibilities. Thank God I don't play video games.


  1. Where you been keeping yourself?

    I play 3-4 times a month on Sunday and we play World of Darkness, which doesn't require a ton of prep. Prep often comes from just thinking about NPCs and plots while driving or laying in bed. When I get a chance, I scribble some notes and that's it.

    I guess the key for me is playing a fairly rules-light no minis game.

    I thin it's awesome, though, that you do so much prep. I bet your games are awesome as a result.

  2. I play once every other week. I am not a GM, so prep is out. I DO, however, cook for my World of Darkness game- THAT is a ton of prep. (Usually cooking a main dish for 15 people)

    Um. I just make sure my family knows X time is mine... it works.

  3. I feel your pain. I am actually on a hiatus from playing due to 2nd kid coming into the world

  4. Hi Christian. I think I just suffer from some form of OCD. So I can't leave too many things along without putting my "spin" on it. So modified monster blocks and by having the paper tokens/minis fully crafted by me, my group will never see those pieces on another table that they play D&D at. But between Photoshop time and then cutting and gluing the parts, it can be hectic especially since I tend to leave it till the last two days before game time. That's actually once thing that I really like about minis. Yes assembly and painting takes a lot of time, but once it's done, all I have to do is show up at the games store with an army. But I'm backlogged on that.

    Hi Loquacious, wow cooking for 15? It's like constant practice for Thanksgiving and Christmas for you huh? Is there a particular specialty dish that your gaming group requests regularly?

    Congrats on the new kid on the way Greg. Hope he or she is healthy and happy when it shows up. Future gamer?