Thursday, February 9, 2012

So I Got Into This One Game With Lots Of Shooting

Almost two weeks ago, I bought the Nomads, Bakunin Jurisdiction starter set for the game Infinity. I'm going to try something with this game. I can only purchase new things for my Nomads when everything that I previously bought has been assembled and painted. So far it's working. My checking account approves of this move too. Here are the first three models that I've finished. I just want them looking decent and ready to play, so I won't be going nutso with shading and highlights. It's also going to be the game where I only play with painted models.

The Reverend Moiras with Multi Rifle was the first to get some acrylic love.

Sin-Eater Observant sporting an MK12 Rifle got some attention next.

And a Zero with Combi-Rifle and E-Mauler.

Little group shot.

So I hope that I stick with the paint before playing and buying new stuff rules that I've set for myself. I'm going with a very bright color palette from what I'm use to since it's a game that has a heavy anime influence in its art direction. Actually that was also how I settled on the Nomads. I liked something from pretty much every faction which made deciding on an army difficult. The Nomads in my opinion had the heaviest anime visuals so I settled on them.

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