Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day Won...Oh And Thor

So we had originally planned to have our next Mouse Guard session take place today. Got the Facebook event set up, people clicking that they would attend and then TING, Matt recalled that it would be Mother's Day. Not wanting anyone at my table to potentially lose the running for son or daughter of the year, I called the session off. I took care of my Mothers Day "festivities" on Friday as my mom, flew out to my sister's place for her vacation yesterday.
Happy Mothers day to any moms who might read this post.
I saw Thor yesterday. Let me say that I enjoyed it. There were many lines that had the theater laughing without turning the movie into an all out comedy, the costumes and visuals of Asgard were absolutely gorgeous, Natalie Portman is hot and while the story didn't have a ton of layers to it, it just works. One thing I couldn't help but notice was whenever Thor, Sif and the Warriors three were all on the screen at the same time, I imagined to myself that this would be what D&D might look like as a film. Particularly in Paragon and Epic Tier.

Take care my friends.

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